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Magnet Word Kit

With Father’s Day fast approaching, the DIY magnetic kits can do double duty as a unique gift for Dad (and the whole family!). (more…)


Paper Plate Panda

Kids can make several of these paper cup turkeys so the family can use them as place cards for the big Thanksgiving feast! (more…)


Model Mayflower

With this easy Thanksgiving craft, your child can build a boat in a nutshell and set sail with a miniature model of the Mayflower. (more…)


Drip Ball Ornament

These drip ball ornaments are so easy but they look like you spent all day on them! (more…)


Afikomen Bags

Traditionally, after the seder meal is eaten, the family patriarch hides a piece of matzoh, known as the afikomen, as a symbolic dessert. (more…)


Ballot Box

Set up your own election this November by creating this fun ballot box. (more…)


Almost No Sew Hip Makeup Bag

This hip and funky makeup bag makes a perfect homemade gift or any cool mom. (more…)


Kid’s Art Shopping Bag

This art-embellished bag will carry a lot of weight with its lucky recipient and is the tote-ally perfect answer to the question, “Paper or plastic?”

What you’ll need

  • Kid’s drawing or painting
  • Tote bag
  • T-shirt transfer paper (we like Wilton’s”Easy Image” dark transfer paper for its ability to cover existing designs)
  • Iron

How to make it

  • Have your child draw or paint a picture. (more…)


    Button Beaded Bracelet

    Miscellaneous buttons and bead to form a pretty pattern, you can create spring-time fun to wear with lots of outfits. (more…)


    This cute little egg carton buggy mobile is a time consuming project, but the results are well worth the time invested! (more…)