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July 4th Beaded Napkin Rings

This is a great project for a patriotic holiday picnic.

What you’ll need

  • 24″ elastic cord, cut into 3 even pieces
  • 20 red pony beads
  • 12 white pony beads
  • 8 miniature white pony beads
  • 4 red miniature pony beads
  • 5 blue star pony beads
  • White craft glue

helpful tip

You can purchase specialty packs of “patriotic” colored beads that include everything needed here, including the miniature beads and the star beads. Convert this project into a bracelet by simply using longer pieces of elastic and more beads. Elastic cord is available in the sewing department.

How to make it

  • Thread one white pony bead onto a piece of elastic cord. Run the other two pieces of elastic cord through the bead as well. With all three elastic cords lined up evenly, thread them around and back through the bead a second time. (See photo.)

  • Pull ends to tighten so the beads don't fall off. You will remove this knot later. (See photo.)

  • Thread five red pony beads onto one of the elastic cords. Thread four white pony beads onto the middle piece of elastic, and five red pony beads onto the last elastic cord. (See photo.)

  • Add two miniature white pony beads to the cord that has the red pony beads. Repeat for the other cord with red beads. Add two miniature red pony beads to the cord with the white beads.

  • Add a blue star bead to each of the three elastic cords.

  • Next, reverse the pattern. Thread two miniature white beads, then five red regular beads. On the center cord, thread on two miniature red beads and four white beads. Finally, add two miniature white beads and five red beads to the last cord.

  • To complete, thread all 3 elastic cords through two white beads.

  • Carefully undo the temporary knot you created in step one. Add one more white bead.

  • Gather both ends of the cords together and tie them into a knot. (See photo.)

  • Thread a blue star bead on each end of the knot and loop the ends back through each bead as you did in step one. (See photo.)

  • Add some white glue to the holes of the blue star beads and let dry.

  • When dry, trim the ends of the elastic.