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Pinecone Turkey

Kids can make this fun and easy Thanksgiving craft while waiting for dinner, with a few inexpensive materials and some pinecones from the backyard.

What you’ll need

  • pinecone turkey craft pattern
  • pinecone
  • red tissue paper
  • yellow tissue paper
  • orange tissue paper
  • yellow card stock or construction paper
  • brown card stock or construction paper
  • glue
  • scissors
  • wiggly eyes

helpful tip

Let your children help you make these ahead of time and insert a name card between the scales on the pinecone. They can be place holders at the dinner table, and the kids can each take one home for a party favor.

How to make it

  • step 1

    Gather together your materials.

  • step 2

    Using the pattern as a guide, cut 3 triangles from each color of tissue paper, using the attached pattern, or create your own. When you're done you should have 9 triangles total.

  • step 3

    Gather the base (long side) of the triangle together so that it leaves a point on the other end to form a tail “feather.”

  • Put a dot of glue on the gathered end of the tissue paper.

  • Gather the base of another triangle together (use a different color to alternate colors in the tail). Stick the base of this tail feather into the spot of glue you put on the first tissue paper feather, so the gathered ends overlap and are stuck together by the glue.

  • step 6

    Repeat the process until you have all 9 feathers fanned out in a half circle, all attached together at the base.

  • step 7

    Spread some glue on the base of the tail feathers where they're all overlapping, and press the base into the wide end of a pine cone (see photos). Set the body-tail assembly aside to let the glue dry.

  • Using the pattern as a guide, cut out the turkey's head from brown card stock.

  • Using the pattern as a guide, cut out the turkey's beak from yellow card stock.

  • Glue two wiggly eyes onto the top of the head to for the turkey's face.

  • Fold the beak in half, and glue it on the head, below the eyes with a small dot of glue.

  • Tear off a small piece of red tissue paper and use it to make the gobbler by gluing it around the turkey's beak.

  • step 13

    Glue the head to the pine cone. Allow to dry.