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t’s face it: your sweetie likely won’t be thrilled by a pink ’n’ frilly Valentine. This sophisticated color scheme of brown, beige and red is more guy-friendly.

What you’ll need

  • Soda or beer can pull-tab
  • Red cardstock
  • Beige cardstock
  • Heart stamp
  • Brown ribbon
  • Double-sided adhesive tabs or glue dots
  • Gold or silver paint
  • Glue
  • Scissors

helpful tip

Most soda- or beer-can pull-tabs are silver, but you may find some gold ones. For fun, use one from your sweetie’s favorite beverage. This gold one is from a Guinness beer can!
Use your gold or silver marker to decorate the hearts. This helps tie in the buckle with the rest of the color scheme.
If you want a different colored buckle, try using nail polish to paint it.
If the pull-tab has a jagged edge, make sure to handle with care. You may want to use a hammer to flatten it a bit.
Double-sided adhesive tabs or glue dots work well to affix ribbon to cardstock.

How to make it

  • Fold red cardstock in half.

  • Stamp hearts onto beige cardstock.

  • Thread the ribbon through the soda-can pull-tab. Glue the ribbon onto the beige cardstock, tucking the ends behind the beige cardstock and gluing them in place.

  • Glue the beige cardstock to the red cardstock.

  • Use your scissors or corner-rounder punch to round off the corners of the card.

  • Write your Valentine message inside the card.