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Kid’s Art Shopping Bag

This art-embellished bag will carry a lot of weight with its lucky recipient and is the tote-ally perfect answer to the question, “Paper or plastic?”

What you’ll need

  • Kid’s drawing or painting
  • Tote bag
  • T-shirt transfer paper (we like Wilton’s”Easy Image” dark transfer paper for its ability to cover existing designs)
  • Iron

How to make it

  • Have your child draw or paint a picture. If necessary, use a color copier to enlarge or reduce the art to fit on the tote.

  • Follow the package instructions for printing or copying your child's artwork onto the transfer paper. Cut out the drawing, if you like.

  • If your tote is plastic or vinyl, use your iron's “synthetic” setting and follow the package directions to iron the transfer onto your bag. (Note: The extra-hot “cotton” setting will melt a synthetic bag.) As you press, take care to iron only the area covered by the transfer's protective parchment.