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3-D Winter Scene

A great winter craft to use up all those Christmas cards is to let your kids cut out the pictures and make their own winter scenes!

What you’ll need

  • Blue construction paper
  • Christmas card or other print that can be cut up
  • White craft glue
  • Embellishments of choice (we used cotton balls, a pom pom and a craft jewel)
  • Scissors

helpful tip

You can purchase craft jewels in variety bags at your local craft supply store. Embellishments can be anything your kids can think of. Try stickers, sand, glitter, pom poms, craft foam, etc. Frame your winter scenes by adding a white or black construction paper border!

How to make it

  • Cut out the pieces of the Christmas card that you want to appear in your winter scene. We chose a snowman for ours.

  • Glue the picture(s) to your construction paper to create a new scene.

  • Embellish your scene with craft supplies. We added a pom pom to our snowman's hat and a craft jewel for the nose.

  • Add snow to your scene by opening a cotton ball and gluing strips to the ground. You can add snow in the sky by balling up small pieces of cotton ball and gluing to the construction paper.